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18. května 2010 v 19:12 | Ang.x |  +Diary+
...I want to write this in english. Maybe you won't understand, but... I can't just write it... I must tell it in deferent language.

I am so stupid. You don't know how stupid I AM!... Stupid curiosity..! I won't do this EVER again. I won't tell a word about something that's not my thing. I'm very bad. I want you to say : "Never mind. That's good." I know you won't say that. It's not good. Please FORGIVE me... But you won't read this.

I'm so sorry. I'm feeling like a last idiot...

You're always in my heart and I don't care if this changes your view of me 'cause... You are my friend... Sorry. I won't do this ever again.. Stupid girl...


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1 Leesh Leesh | Web | 18. května 2010 v 21:31 | Reagovat

You is not stupid girl!

2 MatQa-your Affs ♫ MatQa-your Affs ♫ | Web | 19. května 2010 v 18:26 | Reagovat

in english?I am the best from english from our class.Your aren´t stupid.You must take your life with fun:))

3 razzle-girl razzle-girl | Web | 20. května 2010 v 11:16 | Reagovat

Já tomu nerozumím!
Zkusím to dát do překladače :D
No tak já jdu na to..

4 razzle-girl razzle-girl | Web | 20. května 2010 v 11:18 | Reagovat

ty a idiot?

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